“Life is short;
Eat dessert first” 


Maddie Cake

Maddie Cake believes that a cake is three things in one: a delicious dessert, a beautiful centerpiece, and a thoughtful gift. You know your friends and family better than anyone and I want to help you make them feel loved with the perfect treat. Maddie Cake is all about creativity, fresh buttercream, and big serving sizes. You deserve it!


Lauren Donofrio 

I’m the mother of three and I’ve gone to MaddieCake for every birthday cake for the last five years. Not only are the cakes gorgeous, but they are totally delicious—much better than any store bought cake! Maddie is easy to work with and creative—I’m always showing pictures of the amazing cakes my kids get on their birthday. Receiving cakes from MaddieCake is a family tradition—I can’t recommend enough!

Abby Yarian

I can’t say enough good things about Maddie Cakes! Not only is the decoration top tier (pun intended) but the cake tastes amazing too! Usually you have to compromise, you either get a cake that’s beautifully decorated or tastes good but Maddie somehow does BOTH! She has the ability to make such unique and thoughtful designs come to life and create a cake that everyone loves to eat!

Hannah Young

Best cakes I’ve ever had! The thought and time Maddie puts into each cake she makes is unrivaled. I’ve used her for birthdays, baby showers, and even my own wedding! She never fails to disappoint! The chocolate chip cookie dough is definitely my favorite.